Last Updated: June 17, 2020, 5:09 am

Lottery Techniques: Tracking

There's no question about it -- the odds of winning those multi million dollar jackpots in your local state lotteries are so high, you might as well start betting on which day pigs will fly. Due to this simple fact (and most likely the allure of becoming an instant millionaire), people started developing techniques to help them up their odds of winning.

One commonly used technique in playing lottery games is called "tracking". What makes this so desirable to would be lottery winners is that it's based on logic, even mathematics.

A term used for this type of betting technique and others like it, is "reality based system". Once you've learned how tracking works and how you can apply it to your lottery games, then there's a good chance that you can increase your chances of winning.

Tracking is also commonly called frequency analysis. What this means is that the process of tracking takes into account the numbers drawn for a definite time period. Frequently drawn numbers are termed "hot numbers". These numbers appear more often than the other numbers. By tracking down hot numbers, some players will choose these as their pick and bet on them.

There are those however, who will not play hot numbers. It is their belief that hot numbers are due out since such numbers have already appeared several times. Thus, these players tend to play cold numbers. Then there are also those players who prefer to pick a mixture of cold and hot numbers, even numbers that have personal significance to them (birthdays, anniversaries and such).

Because of the variety of number preferences that expert trackers use, there is no definite and truly proven formula for this particular technique. This in itself may be considered as an advantage by those who use tracking, since this system is considerably more flexible than other techniques where there are set rules that should be followed.

This gives lottery players who want to apply the tracking technique to their betting strategies several ways to produce their own formula. One person who successfully applied her own unique tracking method is the Texan, Janie Kallus.

She was the first winner of a Texas Lottery jackpot that amounted to over $21 million. What she did was track the winning numbers from lotto drawings outside Texas. She was forced to rely on these numbers because lotto had only been recently established in Texas, so there had been only a handful of numbers drawn in Texas lotto.

This clearly outlines the versatility and flexibility of the tracking technique that any lottery player can use.

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