Last Updated: June 17, 2020, 5:09 am

Gambling and You: Playing Tight isn't Always the Answer

In gambling, it's so easy to get sidetracked, depressed, defeated, or helpless. When this happens, playing at casinos may come to a temporary standstill.

If you find yourself to be in this situation, you may think that it's so hard to get out. You may feel unequal to the task of saving yourself from this situation like what the other players who are now pros have done.

If you're thinking that what we may refer to as "playing tight" or being too conservative in your moves at all times will help you in this situation, you may be surprised that there are still other things that you have to think about if you are thinking of getting out of this drab instance, and going for the win.

Let us repeat that in another way. Playing tight won't necessarily bring you good winnings if you keep on doing this in every playing session. It won't help you become a more effective gambler when you play.

It can help some. But this shouldn't be a tactic to use every time on the gaming halls.

So what should you do?

First, you have to acknowledge that you are in a rut, in a temporary standstill in your gaming sessions.

When you do this, you can allow yourself to pinpoint what went wrong, and be more self-critical and about the situation that you have brought upon yourself. But, don't be too harsh and blame yourself in the process as you reflect on the things that had happened on the playing sessions that you have lost your hand in.

Second, you should remember that all bad moves and bad situations always have a learning curve that you have to learn about, and be more aware of in order to avoid the same falling into the same gaming scenario the next time you play.

Winning victories at gaming halls can be yours to experience when you go through this simple process of looking at your faults with courage, and not be too depressed at the mistakes you have gone through.

Tell yourself that in your mistakes, you will see what needs to be learned.

When you have courage in facing your mistakes, and learning that it isn't always a good tactic to be too conservative in playing, going through the temporary setback will be a cinch.

When you thrust your mistakes aside easily, and do not put too much attention to your losing situations, you won't see the lesson behind these things, and you will only set yourself up for more mistakes just like it in the future when you play the same gambling game at the halls.

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