Last Updated: June 17, 2020, 5:09 am

The History of Online Gambling

Gambling has been around for so many years, even thousands of years ago. There were archaeological facts that showed cavemen enjoying gambling during their free time. People during those times tried to gamble in many different forms. As years pass, the games and how they were played were developed into something that we know now. Gambling sites a.k.a. casinos were also introduced, which made the usual games among a bunch of people sophisticated and glamorous.

What endeared gambling to everyone, however, is the fact that it was made accessible to mankind through the Internet. The online community played host to about any thing that people needs, wants, and desires. The Internet made gambling reach universal popularity.

People from all walks of life, of different shapes, age, and sizes, of different cultural backgrounds embraced gambling as if it was the most natural thing to do. Online gaming is made very accessible in the wired era. Add to its allure is the fact that it does not hurt a bit if you try an online game or two. Once you do, however, you will surely be hooked with all the high stakes and stacks of fun available. Gambling since then, became a way of life.

Online gambling started in Barbuda and Antigua in 1994. With the Internet already at work, the country governments thought it was high time to take advantage of it. Laws and regulations were developed in connection with gambling. At about this time, a gaming software company is already concocting a fully operational digital majesty that will administer the games. After Microgaming, there came CryptoLogic, another software company that is focused on security. In 1995, a full-pledged online casino site was born and it was named InterCasino.

The ride from there was a tough one, nevertheless. The gambling industry has faced many battles, especially over legality issues against the United States government. Statesmen opposed the idea of promoting gambling through the online community. Anti-gambling campaigns were activated with hopes of discouraging people from ever getting near the industry.

Then again, the gambling business remained standing tall. The revenue, amounting to billions, have been recorded in countries where online gambling was not outlawed. The industry grew steadily and continues to do so with millions more of interested people starting to love the convenience of enjoying gambling without having to go far away from home.

At present, improvements here and there are at work to provide the best of every thing to every single gambling aficionado from around the world!

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